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Mechanical CADD

Mechanical engineers design, and aid fabricate mechanical engines, tools, and machinery. They're utilized in virtually all production sectors such as thick machineries,, aerospace, auto. They're also utilized in technology services and product design firms. They, conduct a vast selection of analysis and design tasks, at the product development lifecycle. Their main tasks include: Concept Sketching, 2D Design & Drafting, 3D Modeling, Prototyping, and Performance & Safety Analysis.

Role in the Industry
Mechanical engineers that have CAD skills are employed in manufacturing industries such as automobiles, aeronautical, engineering, heavy industries, locomotives, and marine. Learning CAD applications is significant because almost every one of these jobs (and more) are done with complex CAD software that ensures speed, accuracy, and reuse of work. With CAD skills, mechanical engineers can find employment and improve productivity.

Job Titles
Upon completion of the course, students can apply for the job of Draftsman / Engineer / Analyst / Product Designer / Product Engineer

Entry-level Salary
Up to Rs 2 lakh per annum (in India)

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