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DGN to DWG Conversion

KWESPL CAD Conversion Provides AutoCAD to MicroStation or DWG to DGN Transformation and DGN to DWG conversion, enabling you to access and edit DWG files in DGN format and vice-versa.

With a combination of both guide and Autovectorization technology we can assist you with managing your CAD files. While converting from DWG to DGN and DGN to DWG, we make sure to maintain the Amount of layers and levels within DWG and DGN. Just Email us your DGN DWG conversion needs and we'll get back to you along with the quotation! We guarantee you perfection in work and personal satisfaction using our DGN conversion (also known as MicroStation conversion) and DWG conversion services. We could convert DGN to DWG and DWG to DGN producing as many levels and layers as you need.

We also make the drawing a brand new file and differentiate between the layers. We can place text, including numeric information (such as measurements ), in a separate layer of the CAD drawing.